Eid Mubarak, everyone!

— CNDandelion

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Dear Cassiopeia

If there vids where DB5K sang with an MR, could you refer it to me pretty please?

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kai-hyuk asked: Hey! You're one of my favorite blogs of 2011 <3 kazehaya-(.)tumblr(.)com/post/15051609985

It’s already May 2012. Geeeesh I know I’m so horrible for replying this message by now uhhhhh BUT! You need to know I’m so thankful you included my blog in your favorite list ;’)

2011 has always been my favorite year, because tho I hate my college life to death but thanks to CNBLUE, CNBLUESTORM family, and my followers here, I feel so appreciated that people loved seeing my edits and gifs. The love I got encouraged me to take a braver step to get into the REAL circle of friends, for not being an anti-social anymore lol but look here, I no longer have free time as much as I did, and I also rarely post new stuff (but I believe, there’s already any other amazing Boice who dedicated their time spreading artsy CNBLUE gfx ;))

But anyways! Thank you and sorry kazehaya- I hope she will read this .. xoxo

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missss youuuuu toooo. i know u dont know me. hahaha LD but its ok i still follow you~ ^^ ~

Kyaa I know youu :’) You like to appear on my dashboard! Thank you so much! I didn’t expect someone would reply to my post hehehe *hugss*

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When Motoi was captured by a Squid
  • Yamato: Naruto! We're gonna go with formation C!
  • Naruto: Why.. Why?
  • Yamato: Naruto! What are you doing?
  • Naruto: Stop, Octopops! Old man Motoi really trusts you!
  • Yamato: It's a squid!! That's not an octopus!
  • Naruto: A squid? What? It's not an octopus? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
  • Yamato: You don't have to count! An octopus is round, a squid is triangular.
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i seriously dont understand what fnc thought about. ear fun? you kid me? i prefer ‘eargasm’ instead.

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for the followers who’ve been following me till now, thank you so much :’) 

my life is not as busy as it was but the some stuff still go on. i still have choir training for the next performances, and still in adaption with my new pals. they all kind and i’m happy for having new life lol

i still keep watching our boys’ latest news, it’s like i’ve left them for years, because they look more gorgeous and happier in each news :’) esp jonghyun, his kyu line is dayuuummm :3 i’m very proud cnblue name gets bigger and bigger, boice number is increasing as well. nothing is more amazing than growing together isnt it?

i dont know when i’ll be back here and be active again, there’s a possibility i will close this blog down or may be just take hiatus, but after all, i’m happy having cndandelion and has shared my edits and gifs with you all, thank you for the kind words and encouragements, thank you for making my blog experience wonderful!

until next unexpected time, good bye!

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